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What does this mean for eBanking?

ESB is going to provide you with a more stable, up to date, user friendly eBanking experience.  You致e asked for a system that is updated more often and is available when you want to use it.  That is what you値l be getting after this upgrade. 

You値l want to make sure you always start your eBanking login experience at www.edmontonstatebank.com.  If you致e bookmarked the login page you currently use, you値l want to make sure going forward that you are using www.edmontonstatebank.com to begin your eBanking login.

Your username / login ID will stay the same.  You値l have a new first time password that will be communicated to you but there will be no changes to your username / login ID.

The system will be unavailable to you from Friday May 31st through Sunday June 2nd.  We should have the new system online early Monday morning, June 3rd.

ESB will have additional staff on hand to specifically address eBanking customers with a login issue.  The first time you login might be frustrating but we know that once you see the new eBanking system you値l agree with us that it was well worth it!  Please feel free to call us at 270-659-3540 if you have problems logging in the first time.

What is my Password / eBanking ID?

The first time you login to our new eBanking system your password will be set to the last 4 digits of your SSN or TIN. Your eBanking ID will stay the same as it was on our old system.

Where is my picture? / That isn't my picture!

The picture that was associated with your login on our old system had to be removed, and you'll need to select a new one. The first time you login a picture will load beside your username that will not look familiar to you at all. Don't worry, this is normal and you'll be able to pick your own picture once you login.

I've logged into my eBanking, but I see a strange transaction, what is VTXTLR?

VTXTLR is a code from our Teller system. This means one of two things: You personally went into the branch and withdrew cash from the tellerline or; you wrote a check to someone who went into the branch that day and cashed it. Either of these items will result in a "VTXTLR" transaction displaying on your account history. The day after the transaction hits your account you'll be able to see a copy of the check exactly as you wrote it.

Where are the upcoming transactions?

We moved them! We didn't see any need in having them display in a totally different area, so all of your transactions are listed together as soon as we get them in your transaction history. Hopefully without having to skip around to different places on the page, it will be easier for you to locate items as they come in.

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