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What does this mean for my debit card?

Great news, you’ll get to keep the same debit card you have today!  There will be no need to get a new debit card.

During our conversion weekend, your debit card will continue to work but there might be some periods of downtime when your card gets declined when it should not have been declined.  In order to provide you with the least amount of disruption possible, we suggest you stop by any of our branches or ATMs on Thursday May 30th to obtain some spare cash to carry with you during the weekend.  

Our ATMs will be unavailable from the afternoon of Sunday June 2nd thru the afternoon of Monday, June 3rd.  We will have these ATMs up and running as soon as possible.  If you need to use another bank’s ATM while ours if offline, please send us your receipt from the other bank’s ATM and we’ll be glad to refund any fees you might have been assessed.

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