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A Message for Windows XP Users

When Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April of this year that meant there would be no more security patches, and no more updates produced for it. This leaves Windows XP users unprotected from new threats. Most software vendors have taken notice that Windows XP will be left in a “vulnerable state”, and have begun moving their software support away from Windows XP users.

If you already have a computer running Windows 7, or Windows 8, or a Windows XP computer with one of the new browsers listed below, you don’t have to change anything; your eBanking experience should not change at all! The security of our online banking system in not in any way in jeopardy, we’d just like to make a few suggestions for what you can do to prevent yourself from losing access to your online banking because of the loss of the software support.

You may begin to notice some changes while attempting to access your online banking if you’re still an owner of a Windows XP computer, which may include garbled or unreadable text, images that don’t fit the screen properly, or the complete inability to login to eBanking.

Since there are no more updates being produced by Microsoft for Windows XP, Internet Explorer version 8 is the latest version that it will run. Over the coming months this means that there will be an elimination of compatibility with Internet Explorer version 8.

What can I do?

The easiest (and most expensive) option is to upgrade your PC. Edmonton State Bank isn’t the only place you’ll start having issues using your older PC. Lots of secure websites such as credit card companies, online shopping, and personal email server such as Yahoo! and Google, have started moving away from supporting older browsers as well.

You may be able to speak with a computer technician to see if your computer is built to handle a modern Operating System such as Windows 7, or Windows 8. This option would be cheaper than buying a whole new PC, but would still get your software current and up to date – but this option would not apply to all older PC’s.

Another option (the cheapest – it’s free!) is to download a new browser. The main problem software vendors are having is how to secure a browser that is so old and out of date. So instead of making patches for it, they are just giving up and moving on to secure newer browsers. There are several options for free browsers that can be downloaded, that are updated nearly every week with new security patches, and the latest threat detection.

Edmonton State Bank cannot be held responsible for the content provided in the following links. Edmonton State Bank also cannot provide any download or installation assistance with the following programs. They are provided for your reference, and are to be used at your discretion.

  • Firefox – www.firefox.com
    A great alternative browser to Internet Explorer, it has several options for customization, as well as security. Produced by Mozilla, Firefox is currently the 2nd most widely used web browser in the world behind Internet Explorer.
  • Google Chrome –www.chrome.com
    Google Chrome burst onto the scene in late 2008, and has impressed most with its speed and stability. In just 6 short years, it has worked its way up the browser share list to be the 3rd most widely used browser in the world, behind Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We know technology changes can be frustrating, and sometimes expensive, while there is no current specific threat to aging PC’s we want to ensure the security of your information, and the changes above are being recommended for that reason.


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