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Edmonton State Bank is constantly working to make your money safer. One of the things we've added to our online banking recently, you'll notice the next time you attempt to login. We've added a few challenge questions. These questions will need to be setup before you can access your accounts again. After the questions are setup, we wont ask you to answer them again, unless something changes with how you login, or a "high risk" transaction occurs. 

Examples of things that may trigger a challenge: You login to a new PC, you login while you're on vacation in a different state or country, you transfer a large amount of money between accounts, you setup a new Billpay Payee. These aren't the only times you might be challenged, however, these are some of the most common.

Below, you'll see an example of the screens you'll be prompted with. Reminder, the setup and use of these challenge questions is mandatory, and cannot be skipped.