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Easy Loan Payments with SmartPay

Introducing SmartPay — an easier way to pay your loan with us from your checking, savings, debit or credit card from any financial institution.
We continue to find ways to make banking with us easier. If you are not a deposit customer, SmartPay gives you the ability to pay your home mortgage, personal loan, business loan, or auto loan in a snap.

Of course, we would love to have your business as a deposit account customer. But if you want to pay your loan with us from an account you have at another financial institution, SmartPay can make this possible.

At this time, you also will need:

  • The bank routing number and your checking or savings account number from the financial institution from which you wish to pay your Edmonton State Bank loan, or the debit or credit card number.

When you first sign in, you have an option to sign in as a guest or to register. When you register, the system will save your information and give you the ability to set up recurring payments or schedule payments at future dates. Recurring payments can be stopped or changed at any time by the account holder.

If you have questions, please call 270-659-3540.