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Debit Cards

Debit Card Fraud Protection 

Falcon Alert

We’d like to introduce you to a new and outstanding program for your ESB debit card called Falcon Alert

  • A proprietary fraud detection system that takes the work and worry out of using your debit card issued by us. You are automatically enrolled – all you do is use your card!
  • State-of-the-art software! Falcon Alert quickly learns your day-to-day normal spending patterns, evaluates each and every transaction, and if a particular transaction is suspicious, a fraud specialist will follow up to verify that you, in fact, did initiate the transaction.
  • Like having your own private identity fraud specialist available 24/7 making sure your account information stays safe and secure.
REMINDER: Edmonton State Bank will NEVER ask for your PIN number or any other sensitive personal information, and if at any time you are concerned about your card or talking to a representative from Falcon, please feel free to call us at 270-659-3540.

Our new fraud software will email you, text you, and even call you to try to get in touch with you. We will use information we gathered from you at your account opening including your telephone number(s), and email address, and import those into our system. You're automatically enrolled for *free!

If you receive a text message, the text will list a suspect transaction along with a code to confirm whether or not this was something that you did, or if it was fraudulent. You simply reply to the text and the rest is taken care of! If in fact, the transaction was legitimate there is no impact on that transaction or your card. But if after contacting you, it is determined the transaction was not authorized, your card is immediately blocked preventing any additional fraudulent transactions from occurring. 

We live in a world where we can never be too careful with our finances, and we hope this new service proves that Edmonton State Bank is moving forward with our customer's best interests in mind.

(*Text and Data Rates May Apply)

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